Diagnosis Diaries

Praise for The Diagnosis Diaries

A great book about the journey

“I loved this book!!!!! It was written with honesty, clarity, frustration and humor. Susan is the real deal. This book is a journey book…about the navigating through the hurt, loss, disappointment and frustration of living with things that we don’t get to vote on. Her writing is so captivating through the raw-ness of her medical and personal journey and the joys and setbacks of seeking concrete answers to unclear questions. It is just beautiful writing. Just beautiful.”

“Susan Kelley affirms through her writing what other authors often miss- simply that when you write from your intellect you will reach other intellects…and when you write from your heart you will reach other hearts…BUT when you write from your life you will reach and CHANGE other people’s lives. I know her book is changing mine. Truly inspiring! Great great work…worth every read and re-read!!!”
Amazon review John B.

Ciao Pussy!

Praise for Forever Florence!

“Susan Kelley writes with a mischievous wit and an eye for every delectable detail. Her storytelling is liquid laughter. It’s bloody funny and yet poignancy abounds. I loved its rock’n’roll. Keep ’em coming.”
Brian Johnson, Lead Singer, AC/DC

“Kelley’s is such a wonderful story—epically romantic and full of color. She has a voice that is genuine and relatable, and her depictions of Florence are absolutely gorgeous.”
Jane Dystel, Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

I Oprahed

Praise for I Oprahed

I Oprahed is like an intimate conversation with your best friend- funny, poignant and very true! Even though Susan Kelly has led an extraordinary life, very different from mine, I felt like she was reading my mind. Her book is a series of witty vignettes on how an educated, 50+ woman writer/model deals with both extraordinary and common events: thong bikinis, the daily hair/body/make-up crises, a wonderful “artist” husband, house guests in Florence who never leave and travelling with rock stars. Susan navigates the post-midlife crises landscape with great humor and grace. Makes a great gift for all your girlfriends.”

The Second Time Around

Praise for The Second Time Around

“Love and marriage can succeed — and even improve — the second time around with this indispensable resource.”

“I couldn’t have imagined this kind of love before,” says one remarried woman. “My new spouse has taught me I am worthy of having the best,” says another.

Why Men Stray / Why Men Stay

Praise for Why Men Stray / Why Men Stay

“I read Why Men Stray, Why Men stay without any preconceived ideas and got what I was looking for – good advice. Based on the author’s extensive surveys and interviews, it is practical without a lot of psychological mumbo jumbo. If you are interested in attracting or keeping a mate, a must-read.”

Why Men Commit

Praise for Why Men Commit

“Want to get your man committed? Read this book.”
Boston Herald

“A literary double whammy: an irresistible title and a book behind it that fulfills the title’s promise.”
Jim Hanson, Sarasota Times

“Susan Curtin Kelley…is a sage of sorts for women looking for Mr. Right, and a keeper of the intimate thoughts of thousands of men.”
Louise Bruderle, West Coast Woman