Ciao Pussy!

Praise for Forever Florence!

“Susan Kelley writes with a mischievous wit and an eye for every delectable detail. Her storytelling is liquid laughter. It’s bloody funny and yet poignancy abounds. I loved its rock’n’roll. Keep ’em coming.”
Brian Johnson, Lead Singer, AC/DC

“Kelley’s is such a wonderful story—epically romantic and full of color. She has a voice that is genuine and relatable, and her depictions of Florence are absolutely gorgeous.”
Jane Dystel, Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

I Oprahed

Praise for I Oprahed

I Oprahed is like an intimate conversation with your best friend- funny, poignant and very true! Even though Susan Kelly has led an extraordinary life, very different from mine, I felt like she was reading my mind. Her book is a series of witty vignettes on how an educated, 50+ woman writer/model deals with both extraordinary and common events: thong bikinis, the daily hair/body/make-up crises, a wonderful “artist” husband, house guests in Florence who never leave and travelling with rock stars. Susan navigates the post-midlife crises landscape with great humor and grace. Makes a great gift for all your girlfriends.”

The Second Time Around

Praise for The Second Time Around

“Love and marriage can succeed — and even improve — the second time around with this indispensable resource.”

“I couldn’t have imagined this kind of love before,” says one remarried woman. “My new spouse has taught me I am worthy of having the best,” says another.

Why Men Stray / Why Men Stay

Praise for Why Men Stray / Why Men Stay

“I read Why Men Stray, Why Men stay without any preconceived ideas and got what I was looking for – good advice. Based on the author’s extensive surveys and interviews, it is practical without a lot of psychological mumbo jumbo. If you are interested in attracting or keeping a mate, a must-read.”

Why Men Commit

Praise for Why Men Commit

“Want to get your man committed? Read this book.”
Boston Herald

“A literary double whammy: an irresistible title and a book behind it that fulfills the title’s promise.”
Jim Hanson, Sarasota Times

“Susan Curtin Kelley…is a sage of sorts for women looking for Mr. Right, and a keeper of the intimate thoughts of thousands of men.”
Louise Bruderle, West Coast Woman