Forever Florence! A Memoir Of Florence Press Release

Susan Kelley’s irresistible tale of an American couple moving to Florence, Italy, started as one semester at an art academy for her painter husband and turned into sixteen years of living, working, and playing in the artistic treasure house of the Western world.

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“American Expat Self-Publishes Memoir of Florence”

Susan Kelley is an American expat who has spent 16 years living in Florence with her husband William Kelley, a renowned painter (see Now Kelley has published her personal memoir of life in the Renaissance city: Ciao Pussy! A Memoir of Florence.

Click here to read an article about Ciao Pussy! in The Florentine, the English-speaking news magazine in Florence.

An American in Florence –

Susan Kelley’s latest book “Ciao Pussy!” documents her 16 years abroad as a resident of Florence, Italy.

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An Interview with Susan Kelly – Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Style magazine

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Stranger Than Fiction – 

Her fifth and latest book, “I Oprahed,” says so much in just two words (one of which isn’t even a word) you don’t believe Kelley when she says she never set out to be a writer.

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